Trash Art Day


Since we could only use certain types of bottles for the structure, we had lots of leftover materials. We took advantage of our situation and decided to make some trashcans and other objects that we could make out of trash. It was the perfect day to do this since we were waiting for the frame of the structure to be finished.

Since Tibetans drink lots of red bull we had plenty of red bull bottles. We decided one trashcan would be made out of red bull bottles. This was a collaborative day for us. Locals were engaged in playing with our new creations and were levitating their hands over our half-built trashcans excited to throw something away in this unusual bin.

Jin posted the images of us creating the trashcan onto Twitter. We didn’t say anything about Red Bull but soon after, Red Bull had re-tweeted our project to 100,000 followers. We were famous! A local shop owner also took a pair of scissors and started creating a prayer wheel out of old soda cans. This was the most popular item and was passed around the hostel and again was an amusement for the monks.

A group of us also made peacocks out of soda cans to give to the generous bottle-donators and local helpers. As silly as it sounds this was our first finished accomplishment. We felt happy to have started and finished something with success.


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