Yutong’s Birthday


In honor of Yutong’s birthday we decided to have a feast. Most of the Chinese people in our group cooked one to two dishes, which made for way too much food. We also secretly bought a ‘birthday cake’. Cakes aren’t eaten here and so we bought some bread and melted chocolate on top and then sprinkled it with skittles.

Right when we were about to sit down, the power went out and so we lit candles and started our feast. We had just met one of our new volunteers who had seen our poster outside of the hostel. He was on a bike trip and was riding his bike a long distance but I can’t remember from where to where. We were happy to have this as an introduction for him.

Yizha was upset because he had made his favorite dish that he likes to cook – a full chicken in a spicy soup with potatoes – but it wasn’t finished yet. It is delicious but he kept yelling in broken up English to stop eating and save some room for his food. He also made sour faces at the Chinese food, indicating that his food was the only edible food. After our meal, we played card games until very late and regretted it very much the next day.


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