A Day Trip


We finally got a day off in the lull of work. We decided to take a trip to visit nomad tents in the ‘wetlands’. We paid for a driver to take us the two hours away but when we arrived we were in a stunning mountain town. It wasn’t the wetlands that we expected but it was still spectacular. We had lunch where we had the opportunity to make our own tsampa. Tsampa is a staple food in Tibet made of yak butter and barley. I am a huge fan of putting tsampa in my yak yogurt in the morning. Although, we decided that it was hearty and would probably be ideal either in the dead of winter or before a long hike.

After lunch we went to a large canyon and went looking for a waterfall that we saw on a sign. The hike was steep with beautiful vistas but no waterfall was found. We drove back and were stopped by little piglets, yaks, sheep, and workers obstructing the road all the way back.

IMG_3068 IMG_3075

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