Music and Dancing

Tibetan music was one of the first things I noticed upon arriving to our hostel. There is a projector that is often playing Tibetan music videos. By now, we all have our favorite songs and recognize which hostel employee turned on the music. The music videos are so different from what I am accustomed to – they are all with a singer wandering in nature and often have religious undertones.

People are frequently singing. They have very nice and distinct singing voices and often sing very loudly. The importance of music is apparent by our weekly karaoke night at the hostel. It is never planned but people just start singing and then someone takes the mic from behind the counter and the next few hours are dedicated to singing.

Earlier this week, a song was playing and people were singing and it erupted into an impromptu dance party. It was around 3pm and at first it was a few people from our group being taught how to Tibetan dance. Then somehow a very good dancer seemed to get a feeling that people were dancing and came into the room. Everyone pointed at him, indicating that he should be teaching us how to dance before he even started dancing. His reputation was valid and he carefully selected songs that he thought would be good for dancing to. We danced for a while and all laughed and grinned the whole time.


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